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**Cancelled Zeke's Invitational Perfects, Chokers & Wannabes Shoot Out

Aug 20th, 2017 

We have only 9 people registered and felt we needed at least 20 to give it a go!  For those 9 that preregistered, thank you and we apologize if this is a disappointment to you



Upcoming Events

Farm Friends Barn Clay shoot fundraiser ~ September 7

details coming soon.

ACAM Shoot ~ September 9

Tom Reger - Details coming soon.

League Banquet ~ September 10

9:00 AM Club Opens

50 Targets $15

100 Targets $28

Games start at 1:00 pm

Boys Scouts of America ~ September 15

Wade Bastien

United Sportsman's Alliance Shoot ~ September 16
Contact Pete Jaworski
9:00 AM shotgun start. 100 targets
All trades welcome.
Boots on the Ground Youth Event ~ September 17

Mike Ganz


Recent Results

4th Annual Anniversary Shoot (2017)
Wild Marsh Cup Weekend 2016

Congratulations to John Barr of Nisswa winner of the Henry Golden Boy 17HMR

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3rd Annual Anniversary Shoot

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2017 League Form